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Saw this board whilst walking down the street a while back. It triggered a memory of an incident that occurred a few years ago with one of my children. I need to set the scene for you first though! Ever … Continue reading

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Some thoughts on reaching rock bottom…

There is something quite liberating about reaching rock bottom. You cannot fall any further. This thought struck me as I was sitting in church yesterday morning.  When we reach rock bottom, when we find ourselves constantly repeating – “I can’t … Continue reading

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Be vigilant…

“We need to trust God for our children’s lives and behaviour. We need to realise that sometimes our children will rebel, be sullen, steal, lie, etc., but none of these things needs to take root in their lives if we … Continue reading

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PRIMARY SCHOOL!! Some pointers to making it less stressful and more succesful

  For the next few years you will be dropping off and fetching your child from school. Helping them with homework, attending sports and other events and also socializing with other parents at school. You need to treasure every moment, … Continue reading

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As we walk through the day with God we need to be aware of what God says about the way we walk. In Joshua 22:5 He says “But be very careful to keep the commandment and the law that Moses … Continue reading

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  The picture on the left is a photograph.  The picture on the right is a painting done by Rachel Hurry.  Rachel posted it on Facebook with this caption: So today at college, I was tasked with painting a portrait … Continue reading

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One particular verse in Isaiah has long captured my imagination: ‘And yet, O Lord, you are our Father.  We are the clay and you are the Potter.  We are all formed by your hand.’ Jeremiah was a prophet of God. … Continue reading

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