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The following blog from March 2013 popped up in my Facebook ‘memories’ today. It was a wonderful reminder of God’s prophetic words at work in my life!  Since this blog was written I have addressed large and small groups, preached … Continue reading

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A few years ago I went out for supper with some of my woman friends. There were nine of us in total – we were a mixed bunch. We came from different walks of life, different countries, different cultures and … Continue reading

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Dance in the storm…

I can dance in the storm because I am a child of God. I can sing in the rain because He holds me in the palm of His hand. I can weep with joy and with sorrow because He has … Continue reading

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“Giving expression to our faith informs God of our loyalty and love, and gives us an opportunity to name what really matters in our lives. Christ said, “Follow Me”. And of course, I’d rather not, I’d rather pretend that doesn’t … Continue reading

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I really love God and I love the way that He speaks to me through His word, through people, through songs, through nature…the list is endless!  Daily I am reminded of how intimately He is involved in my life and … Continue reading

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PARENTS!! Get up and dance…

These past few weeks we seem to have faced one crises after another as a family. One storm after another storm. As parents we are learning to dance during the storms and as children of God we are learning to … Continue reading

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