God’s Promise for Families – Book

 Too often, our selfish ambitions, fears, and insecurities hinder our children from growing according to the ways of God.  Many of us carry baggage from childhood into adulthood, preventing us from developing into the person God originally created us to become.  We feel inferior and afraid and lack confidence.

In God’s Promise for Families, author Noelene Curry gives practical advice on how to raise children with a deep sense of their own value and worth. She explains how to teach them that God loves them and rejoices over them.  This wonderful and helpful book gives Biblical way to discipline and pray for your children as they seek Gods presence in their own lives.



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“Noelene Curry uses her own experience of being a product of divorced Christian parents and raising her own family while simultaneously  dealing with the challenges of her marriage and raising children based on godly principles.

If perseverance, encouragement and showing grace toward your children in this troubled world have been a challenge to you as a parent, then this book is for you.” – Kelly Chibale, Professor of Organic Chemistry, University of Cape Town, South Africa

“This book is both humorous and an inspiration to constantly seek God for wisdom when raising children”
Carol te Water, Headmistress, Greenfield Girls’ Primary School, Cape Town, South Africa

“In a generation of alarming divorce rates with their far-reaching consequences on family life and children, Noelene has a deep concern for raising godly, responsible, compassionate children, who have a good self-image and an assurance of being loved”. – Reverend Eleanor Gaunt, Mowbray Presbyterian Church, Cape Town, South Africa


BUY THE BOOK (E-BOOK OR PAPERBACK) http://godspromise.co.za/books.html

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