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Often our fears are based on feelings of unworthiness which takes the form of that little voice in our heads that the majority of us hear quite often: “Who do you think you are? You aren’t capable of doing that. … Continue reading

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All God’s Stones reveals to us how we can use and apply Scripture in our everyday lives.   We need to know the Scriptures in order to grow in our relationship with God. All God’s Stones is a two month … Continue reading

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The Bible is as relevant today as it was when it was first written! All God’s Stones is a two month study guide consisting of eight chapters. Each chapter ends with a reflection, an exercise to do, a verse to reflect … Continue reading

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I am because you are…

I am because You are.  We are because God is. On Mother’s Day this year, one of my daughter’s gave me a mug on which was written “I am because you are”.  She is in this world because I gave … Continue reading

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A powerful testimony…

This week I attended a ROTOP (Round Table of Prayer) meeting.  It is usually for men only but seeing as they had a woman speaker they graciously opened it up to ladies! ROTOP’s mission statement states that all men must … Continue reading

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The following blog from March 2013 popped up in my Facebook ‘memories’ today. It was a wonderful reminder of God’s prophetic words at work in my life!  Since this blog was written I have addressed large and small groups, preached … Continue reading

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tetelestai – it is finished

On Saturday evening I attended the Passion show and I witnessed 30 000 people getting down on their knees (me included) to pray to God for the nation, for the world and for ourselves. Louie Giglio was the speaker and his words had … Continue reading

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