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Parents, please don’t underestimate and minimize the damage your divorce does to your children. Recognize the fact that just as the egg and sperm joined together to form your child that egg and sperm are effectively now being torn apart, … Continue reading

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One of the most beautiful words in South Africa is the word UBUNTU. Ubuntu means “human kindness” or “humanity to others” and is sometimes translated as “I am what I am because of who we all are”. The word itself … Continue reading

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When Jesus looks at you, what does He see?

When Jesus looks at you, what does He see? If He was to walk into the room where you are now, climb into the car you are driving right now, start walking next to you as you take your daily … Continue reading

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Silence the voice…of doubt, of fear

I often wonder what our lives would be like if we took God at His word on a daily basis instead of listening to our own self-doubts, our doubts in God, our fears… we talk ourselves into mediocre lives. Reverend Kenneth … Continue reading

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If you are a Believer there is no winging it…

I recently wrote a blog entitled On a wing and a prayer and it referred to the fact that every time my husband and I flew we always ended up sitting by  the wing of the plane.  When I asked my husband … Continue reading

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I am because you are…

I am because You are.  We are because God is. On Mother’s Day this year, one of my daughter’s gave me a mug on which was written “I am because you are”.  She is in this world because I gave … Continue reading

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A few years ago my husband and I attended his niece’s wedding in England.  Prior to this, his sister had sent me a dress which I had packed to take with me to England.  Whilst we were over there she … Continue reading

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Every time my husband Steve and I fly, the seats allocated to us are positioned by the wing of the aeroplane. I asked Steve why he thought this was and he replied “maybe because we live our lives on a … Continue reading

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