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LOVE HURTS…some of the time

  Someone very close to me said some things to me recently that shocked me to my very core – I felt like I had been hit in the solar plexus. For a day and a half, I was left … Continue reading

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Parents, please don’t underestimate and minimize the damage your divorce does to your children. Recognize the fact that just as the egg and sperm joined together to form your child that egg and sperm are effectively now being torn apart, … Continue reading

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“Over the years, I have come to realize that the greatest trap in our life is not success, popularity, or power, but self-rejection”  –  Henri Nouwen When will you start believing and acknowledging the fact that because of the Cross you have no … Continue reading

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My mother’s parents were married for sixty-five years. They were Afrikaans so we addressed them as Oupa and Ouma. Up until the day my Oupa died they still held hands and had lively conversations with each other. Before my Oupa retired, … Continue reading

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There are so many of us, who like blind Bartimaeus, have spent the majority of our lives sitting beside a road begging for the freedom to live our lives to the full. Begging for freedom from guilt, deep hurts, unforgiveness, … Continue reading

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A poem written by a teenager whose parents are divorced and who only sees her mother on weekends. Weekends, Mother I see you during the week But when the weekend comes – mother you are never here. Just because at … Continue reading

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Sometimes the words of my mouth and my behaviour  are totally incompatible! This fact was highlighted, yet again, this morning.  We have three daughters, ranging in ages from thirteen to nineteen, therefore this is my thirteenth consecutive year at the … Continue reading

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