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A few years ago, my husband, Steve, took one of the chairs from the church hall to see whether there was a way he could fix the welding that was coming loose on the chair. The chair went from his … Continue reading

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As a child of divorced parents, I spent many years believing that I was to blame for their divorce. I also blamed God for not answering my prayer to keep my parents together.  It was only as I grew older … Continue reading

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It never ceases to amaze me just how fickle my feelings are in my marriage! One moment I can look at my husband and think “we have such a good relationship, I can’t imagine ever fighting with him again,” and … Continue reading

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If you are feeling discouraged, filled with despair, if you have lost hope that nothing will go right again in your life, if the future looks bleak then meditate on these words in Zechariah 9:8 where God says: “I will … Continue reading

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UNFRIENDED…on Facebook!

  A few days ago, I was ‘unfriended’ on Face Book. The person who unfriended me was not just a Cyber Space Face Book friend.  It was someone I have met face to face numerous times, prayed for and had … Continue reading

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I am safe in His hands

Deuteronomy 32:4 says: “He is the Rock, His works are perfect.” He made me; therefore, I am perfect in His sight just the way I am. I simply have to believe it! One day whilst walking in the mountains I … Continue reading

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“It is absolutely impossible for God to do any more than what He already has done”. After hearing this statement my first thought was “that is quite blasphemous!” The speaker, however, went on to point out this very poignant fact.  … Continue reading

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