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I asked my husband what advice he would give, in hindsight and with twenty-three years of married life behind him, to a young couple contemplating marriage. His reply: “Don’t get married!”  (He assured me he was only joking!) There is a … Continue reading

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DAMAGED – by Amy Curry

Sue Allen has worked in the small post office on the corner of Bird Drive since she was 21, she is now 41. It is a quiet post office, which asks and expects little from her. She likes the fact … Continue reading

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These past few weeks I have found myself wallowing in thoughts of the past, a feeling of self-pity has slowly started to seep its way into my psyche and a sense of failure has gripped me. Mainly a sense of … Continue reading

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Often when I feel hard done by and discouraged, when nothing seems to be going right and I find myself repeatedly saying to God “Why, Lord?” my thoughts will drift to a man by the name of Horatio Spafford. He wrote … Continue reading

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In Psalm 107 the psalmist writes that the Lord “satisfies the thirsty and fills the hungry with good things” (v. 9). He does not simply fill us, He fills us with good things. A lovely example of how God wants to … Continue reading

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For me this song embodies what the family of God is. If we are believers, we are not foreigners to each other.  We are all part of God’s family and with Christ as the cornerstone of our relationships we will … Continue reading

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YOU DON’T HAVE TO LIVE AS A WITHERED BONSAI TREE – a new understanding of Jeremiah 29:11

Due to neglect and forgetfulness this Bonsai tree went from the above to this: And it’s life was almost brought to an abrupt end! 1 Timothy 4:14 states Don’t neglect the gift that is in you and Matthew 22:37 says Love the Lord … Continue reading

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